Bachelor’s In Education (B.Ed.) And Its Scope!

Bachelor in education

Bachelors in education is one of the top-rated and most sought-after courses in India that has a large number of applicants that take admission in a single year. The main reason for its immense popularity is the vast employment opportunities that come with the B.Ed. Courses. After doing B.Ed. The primary profession you land into is being a teacher. A teacher is required everywhere in schools, colleges, and universities. In today's world teacher plays a vital role in making the future of the students. As new schools and colleges are opening every year, there has been an enormous need for qualified teachers.

The government sector has many positions opened for B.Ed. Graduates. Around 13 lakh applicants apply for CTET exams every year to gain eligibility to be a teacher in government schools. You should also know that it is mandatory to have a B.Ed. The degree to get into the profession of teaching in elementary schools.

At Pal College of Technology and Management, Haldwani, we offer a Bachelor in Education degree. We are among the top B.Ed. colleges in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, that provide the best-in-class education with our qualified set of faculties. So, let us read further about the Bachelors in Education (B.Ed.) And Its Scope!

When you complete your Bachelors in Education, you can apply to various entrance examinations for the Teacher Eligibility Test that CBSE or other state governments regularly conduct. Some of the famous government examinations are- CTET, Bihar TET, Arunanchal Pradesh TET, Punjab TET, CG TET, UP TET, Assam TET, and many more state exams. Almost every state has its Teacher Eligibility Test. After clearing those exams, you are eligible to become a primary or secondary school teacher.

As you know, there are so many private jobs available in this field but government jobs too that are pretty popular among the graduates of B.Ed. If you clear specific central or state Teacher Eligibility Test, you can get a chance to work as a Central Government school teacher, primary and secondary school teacher, School principal, regional language teacher, and school assistant.

The candidates looking to pursue a teaching career in a private sector instead of government sectors can easily find jobs in private schools. Below we are mentioning some of the best private jobs for graduates who have completed their Bachelors in Education:

According to their preference, the candidates who choose their choice and expertise of subjects can apply for a teaching job in private schools. Not only private schools, but you can also approach the coaching institutes and also give private tuitions to the students. A teacher earns decently in India. On average, the minimum and maximum salary of a Teacher in India lies between 16,000 to 2,00,000.

A career counselor is also an excellent option for the students pursuing B.Ed. As a counselor, you can help the students with general academic issues and help them choose the right career path according to their skills, capabilities, and goals. The minimum and maximum salary of a Counsellor in India lies somewhere between 14,000 to 1,50,000.

The educational administrator's responsibility is to manage the whole school administration. It is very similar to HR incorporates. However, instead of a and office organization, you will deal with managing the school. As an Educational Administrator, you will have specific responsibilities such as handling budget management, program development, hiring of teachers, etc. The minimum and maximum salary of a counselor in India is between 15,000 and 2,000,000.

The candidate can also go for a career as an Educational Researcher where they will be researching a particular subject of their interest. They will also develop the research paper based on their conclusions drawn from the research. On average, the salary of a Counsellor in India lies somewhere between 20,000 to 6,00,000.

After your graduation, if you want to study and dive deeper into the sea of knowledge, you have the option of choosing higher studies such as Masters in Education, Masters of Arts, and Masters in Philosophy. You can also opt for a doctor of Philosophy if you want to pursue a career as a professor. For all these courses, it is necessary to have a Bachelor's in education.

Choosing a job right away after your graduation or studying for higher education depends on you. If you want to gain expertise in the field, you should go for higher education and. On the other hand, if you like teaching and want to join immediately, that is fine. So, the call is yours. We at Pal College, Haldwani, offer the best B.Ed. courses in Haldwani. If you are looking to pursue Bachelor in Education, you will find more detailed information on our website.

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