5 Good Books for College Students


When you take admission to the college, there is plenty of pressure on you for your studies.  There is already a lot to read and to be done while working on your college projects, assignments, and class discussions. Yet you should find yourself some time to read good books and novels that can increase your amount of knowledge.  So, to help you out we have shortlisted 5 good books for college students and why these books deserve a spot on your reading list.

Reading is very important and it gives pleasure to many people. You will find it is one of the most common hobbies people have. Reading is a perfect way to relax and it is one of the best ways to unwind after a long day. According to many studies, we have found that pleasure reading has a lot of academic benefits and at the same time, they have social and personal ones as well. But to be very honest that’s not just all.

We know you all are wondering - what books should I read in college? Or simply, What are some good books to read in 2021?

We at Pal College of Technology and Management presents its students with some savvy tips to help them navigate their college life in the right direction. Reading is important to have inspiring insights regarding your own personal growth. Also, when reading about interesting and thought-provoking topics you get a better understanding of the world that will broaden your mind.

Sapiens by Yuval Noha Harari

Sapiens is a great book that shows itself as a brief history of everything since the dawn of time. You will definitely find Sapiens to be surprisingly captivating. It is a must-read book as It is filled with interesting facts and observations that will change your mind’s perspective. After reading this book you will think of considering many things you haven’t tried before. The author has beautifully explained complex topics that too in a very easy language. The flow of the book is very good and the theme is easily digestible. You can read this book hundreds of times still you won’t get bored of it.

You should definitely consider Sapiens in your top 5 books to read in 2021. It’s stimulating, refreshing and it will challenge you and how you see the world. If you’re looking for a book that answers your curiosity about the human experience, this is the one we recommend.

Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven

Make Your Bed is a book written by former Navy SEAL, Admiral McRaven. In this book, he gives the readers practical advice to organize one’s life. He uses anecdotes and a conversational tone to show how with the help of simple principles he was able to shape his life. It’s a short book, but it’s very motivational. You should definitely consider this book to learn the important life lessons.

Make Your Bed is one such book that tells you the power of small changes by which you can create a meaningful life for yourself. Anyone can benefit from this book be it a student or any working professional. It is one of the best books to read in 2021.

The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook by Pamela Ellgen

The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook is written keeping in mind the college students. A college student is always short on money and time. The writer Pamela Ellgen understands it very well and gives some healthy tips to the readers. That being said, the title is a bit misleading as not every recipe will use 5 ingredients or less than that. Each recipe is quick and easy to prepare. Inside the book, you will find plenty of healthy meal recipes, as well as tips regarding meal prep, grocery shopping, and much more.

The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook is the perfect book for college students and who are new to cooking. Students who are living in an apartment and have access to an oven can take the full benefit of this book.

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins

This book is again one of our favorite ones. While reading this book you will get an understanding of genetics and theories of evolution. The Selfish Gene is brimming with thoughts and you will find very interesting stuff that will make you stop and think over it for some time. Dawkins does an excellent job putting the dense and complex material into simple terms.

It’s a mind-changing book that will surely give you a better understanding of humankind and people in general. This book is worth a read and we would suggest every college student read it once.

The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook by Jill Grimes MD FAAFP

You must have fallen sick many times and you must have also googled the symptoms online. Until you realize all of it is just a gamble. You were having a headache, spend five minutes searching online, and now the internet has made you believe that you somehow have cancer. This is when this book comes to your rescue. It has everything that will help you in fighting your illness. It will guide you just like your parents does when you are sick.

  In this book, you will find easy-to-understand information on every medical issue you might encounter. It covers tips on prevention, everyday health, myths, hangovers, and anxiety in a very humorous style.

So, these are the 5 good books for college students that we at Pal College, Haldwani recommend its students. Developing a habit of reading is very important as it gives you a lot of information and at the same time, you will also improve your communication skills. For more such interesting topics head on to our blog section.

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