7 Useful Websites for College Students

Education has been the most impacted by Digital Evolution. With easily accessible internet and Digitization of services, it is now more than ever important for not only students but everyone to take advantage of the most useful websites ever created on the world wide web.

The Internet can help college students in so many ways if used properly. Internet is one of the most important sources for any kind of information you need. From education to what is going on around the world, everything is at our fingertips. Students can these days easily develop new skills by learning from the internet. There are many useful websites for students that can help them to connect to the whole world. Nowadays, even from an isolated place, you can be connected with the whole world. Learn from anywhere in the world. There are so many useful websites but we at Pal College of Technology and Management have selected 7 useful Websites for College Students which can help them in their daily life. 

Coursera is one of the best platforms where you can study online. It is a platform that provides a variety of courses in different fields of education. You can find many free and paid courses from top universities around the world. Not only this. You also get a certificate from the university once you complete the course. The certificates can be of great importance and will be useful when you apply for jobs. It is the most trusted and widely used platform by students all around the world. The best thing about it is you can learn from anywhere. The classes are online so you can work 9 to 5 or attend your live college classes and afterward take out some time for these online courses. Another thing is it is not very expensive.

Wikipedia is the answer to all your questions. Sorry, not just answer! In fact, it gives a detailed answer to any of your queries. You can search about any topic to gain knowledge from Wikipedia. It is a big platform and helps you a lot in your projects and assignments and that too free of cost.  It really plays an important role in the life of students as it can provide useful information in very little time.

Most of us are dealing with major problems in our life. One such is social media addiction. We spend a good amount of time scrolling through the feeds and reels on Instagram and Facebook. If you are suffering from this disease them Keepmeout is a very useful app for you to get rid of social media addiction. Students must definitely check this out. As most students get distracted In their studies due to social media, so you can limit the addiction to social media with the help of Keepmeout.

Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is really important for students to remain active throughout the day. It is necessary to sleep for about 8 hours a day. Having a good sleep will let you be attentive in your college lectures and other activities in your college. To fix your sleep schedule Sleepyti.me is the website for you. It tells you the best timing to sleep and wake up according to your schedule. You all sleep-deprived college students really need it. Go check it out. 

Thinking of sharpening your mental skills? Mentalfloss.com is an amazing online magazine that is made just for you. Students can use it to gain knowledge, solve quizzes, and learn about interesting facts. If you haven’t heard of Mentalfloss then you should know, it is being used by more than 20 million users. Also, you can play different brain teaser games on Mentalfloss.

Udemy is another platform just like Coursera. It is used by 35+ million users and you can find one of the best courses and that too in a very affordable price range. Many basic courses are also free for a limited period of time. All of it are online courses and Udemy has tie-ups with many top universities of the world. You can use these courses to learn and enhance your particular skills. Once you finish the course you will be awarded a certificate that can be very useful to you.

effollet is an online bookstore that sells books to schools, institutions, and libraries. It is a great website and you can sell your old class textbooks and buy the latest ones at a very low price. It can come in handy and it is a very good initiative that lets you reuse your books and at the same time save you your money.

So, these were the 7 Useful Websites for College Students, that we at Pal College of Technology and Management think might benefit the students in their daily life. For more such interesting blogs do read our blog section.

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