Tips to Choose the Second Language to Learn

Do you know how much time it takes to learn a new language? Well, you must hardly remember the time when you were learning your native language. Though learning a native language is easy to grab but still, it took years of regular practice to master it. Learning a native language is a natural process and there are people around to guide you. Also, when you are young your learning power is very strong and your mind tends to catch things easily and effectively. It can be hard to learn a new language and as a grownup, you are more occupied with many other things.

Learning a new language can help you to apply for colleges or jobs in a foreign land. You must decide on those languages to learn that may have importance for you in the long run. Plan accordingly and motivate yourself from before, because people easily lose interest mid-way while learning the language. The language you choose to learn can benefit you in your career in the long run. A second language will also help you in your social life. Like you can always add some words to your vocabulary to woo your mates. Also, while touring the foreign land you can surprise the locals by speaking their native language.

  So, we at Pal college of technology and Management, Haldwani have made a few points that you need to consider while choosing a second language to learn.

You must have thought of learning a new language based on your personal preference. When you choose a language first write down its pros and cons. Ask yourself why you want to learn this language? Learning a second language will take around 2 years until you start speaking fluently. Two years is a lot of time - you will have to immerse yourself in the process of learning this language. Always have a motivating force that drives your interest in learning the new language. If you are learning just because you like the language then it can become boring after some time and you might lose interest. Overall, personal preferences should be kept but there should also be some driving force that helps you stay on track.

Learning a new language can be expensive. Many people will advise you to learn a new language on your own and a tutor for the same is not necessary. But that is not the case, usually, a country won’t accept you until you have proper certifications. To master a certain language, you need to complete the course of a given number of hours. For example, The US Foreign Service Institute claims that a person needs about 590 hours to speak a new language fluently. These many hours are required if the new language is similar to your language. If your native language is English and you want to learn Hindi then you will need around 2300 hours of study. Easier the language the less time and money you will need to invest. Difficult the language, more time and money you will have to invest. So, choose wisely. 

A new language can help you grow your career. Knowing a second language can increase your significance in the labor market and make you stand out from the crowd. Selecting a global language like French and Spanish can be good. But if you want to look different from the crowd you should do good research on what would be the best option for you. You might come across a job profile where employers are looking for professionals who can speak Chinese or Russian. Even if you have a basic knowledge of these languages there are chances you are chosen as a suitable option. Thus, if you are learning a new language to grow your career then it is good thinking.  

While learning a second language it is very important to have strict goals in mind. You need to always stay motivated as learning a second language can be challenging. While doing the course you might have a huge desire to give up and do something else. However, if you have a fixed goal in mind then any distractions won’t come in your way. If you want to settle abroad, have a nice job and life then you should work equally hard to fulfill your dreams. Take out some time and write down a plan and stick to it no matter what.

These were some tips on how to choose a second language to learn, that we at Pal College of Technology and Management think might benefit the students in their future endeavors. For more such interesting blogs do read our blog section.

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