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Published on 15 Jun, 2024

What Are You Waiting for? Unleash your future with a lot of opportunities with B.Ed. program at our Pal College of Technology & Management, Haldwani. Are you passionate about changing the young life generation? Are you the cornerstone of shaping the future generation? 

Do you believe that behind every successful teacher, a well- Does a rounded education foundation lie? If yes, then you are at the right place. A bachelor of education from PCTM, Haldwani can change your life. our B.Ed. program prospect the world of education by unraveling its significance and exploring its vast scope in real life.

About the B.Ed Programme

In the field of education, the B.Ed. program serves as a pivotal bridge between theory and practice. It equips educators with theoretical knowledge, pedagogical skills, and practical experience which are required to be excellent in their professional lives. whether it is about classroom management or understanding teaching methodologies. B.Ed. program offers a comprehensive curriculum to nurture effective teaching and learning practices.

At PCTM, we believe in the combination of theoretical coursework, practical training, and hands-on experience necessary to excel in today’s diverse and dynamic classroom. Hence you shall get a learner-centered approach to education where students are encouraged to explore innovative teaching methods, cultivate an inclusive classroom environment, and leverage technology that caters to the needs of every learner.

Program Description

Let us understand how B.Ed. at PCTM is an extensive blend of theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge.

Core Curriculum

Curriculum Development: Gain insight into learning about the design, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum plans that cater needs and interests of learners. 

Educational Psychology: Develop an understanding of components of psychology like learning theories, motivation, personality, and intelligence in the educational setting. 

Pedagogical Skills: A practice subject that acquires teaching skills practically and different strategies for effective instruction, learning management, and assessment. 

Educational Technology: Not just the theory of knowledge, this program harnesses the power of technology by including the use of digital tools, online learning platforms, and different multimedia resources.

Educational Research

Focuses on critical thinking and research skills through educational theories, empirical studies, and action studies.

Practical Experience

Included simulated teaching, internship, and field experiences in different educational settings. This field experience helps them to grow out of their comfort zone. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Network with many experienced educators and industrial experts must help students understand the market value of the B.Ed. program.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for B.Ed. graduates at PCTM, Haldwani, the applicant must meet the following criteria Academic Qualification- A bachelor & degree from a recognized university in any discipline with a minimum aggregate score (50 percent or above) Entrance examination: - Successful completion of the entrance examination assesses the applicant’s attitude toward teaching and education.

Pal College of Technology & Management, Haldwani is a Kumaon University- affiliated college and fulfills all the norms approved by NCTE. The Intake capacity for B.Ed. students are 100 seats, and the fee structure for B.Ed. students per semester are as per the Kumaon University norms. No extra charges are taken.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of B.Ed. program from PCTM is well equipped to pursue various rewarding career opportunities in the education sector. Teaching in primary and secondary school- Teach at primary and secondary or higher education level whether it is a public or private school, college or university.

Educational Administration: Get ready to sign up the leadership roles such as school principals, academic coordinators, and educational administration.

Curriculum Developer: As a full-time or part-time, work as an instructional designer, and educational consultant for schools and organizations.

Tutoring and coaching: As an entrepreneur, start your specialized tutoring or coaching center for preparing for competitive exams and skill development.

Why Choose Only Pal College of Technology & Management, Haldwani State-of-the-art Facilities: Get benefits from access to smart classrooms, educational technology resources, different labs (different subjects lab, psychology lab), and a rich library. A vast infrastructure of PCTM caters to the needs of everything that is required for learning.

Experienced Faculty and Industrial Experts

B.Ed. program here is led by a team of experienced educators who are dedicated and committed to providing personalized guidance and mentorship to each individual. B.Ed. at PCTM has a provision of the active participation of pupil teachers in guest lectures, seminars, and workshops which provide them rich experiences and benefit them with a lot of knowledge other than the subjects as well.

Practical Experience

Get ready for hands-on experience through school internships, community engagement activities, and teaching practicum that allows you to apply theoretical knowledge in a real- world setting.

Holistic Development

From fostering intellectual, emotional, and professional growth to Job placement assistance and career counselling, PCTM prioritizes the holistic development With a strong emphasis on academic excellence, practical experiences, and professional growth, PCTM equips its graduates with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed in the ever-evolving educational field. 

Our admission team is here to guide you and answer all the queries that you have regarding your career in the education sector. For more information, visit our website or contact our admission office

Join us and become a catalyst for positive change in society. Come, apply now and unlock the extraordinary educator inside you!!!!!!

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